Pass Plus

Helping to build your confidence and ability on the road.

A Pass Plus course is designed to be taken after your driving test and aims to help you become a more safer and confident driver on the road by encountering situations which you will not have come across on your driving lessons. New drivers lack experience and this is a big course of road accidents caused by human error. Taking a Pass Plus course allows you to gain experience in situations such as motorway driving so that you are prepared and more experienced on the road.
Anyone that holds a full UK driving licence is able to take a Pass Plus course but it is mainly designed for younger and new drivers. There is no test in a Pass Plus course and instead you will be trained and assessed by your driving instructor. A Pass Plus Course contains six modules and these are :

You can complete the Pass plus course once you have passed your driving test.

Motorway Driving

Rural Roads

Night Driving

Daul Carridgeways

All weather Driving

In Town Driving

As well as improving your driving, the main advantage of taking a Pass Plus course is that you can often get discounted car insurance. We charge £150 per Pass Plus course.