Theory Test Changes in April 2020

Theory Test Changes in April 2020

At Stye Driving we want to help you every step of the way in getting your driving license. Your practical lessons will help you build up a great understanding of how the road works and important rules to follow. All of this is key knowledge for passing your theory test. The theory test will be completed by yourself at a DVSA approved theory test centre, with no need for your driving instructor to attend. It’s still important for us to ensure you know whats going on in the theory test. Take a look below at the upcoming changes and how they will affect you.

Learning to drive - theory test changes

As a learner driver, you need to complete both a driving theory and practical test to get your driving license. There have been a few revisions to the theory test over years and the DVSA has announced there will be some further changes, including making the test more accessible.

The new theory test will be live from the 14th of April 2020.

The current theory test involves completing both multiple-choice questions and a hazard perception test to pass.

The changes after the 14th of April 2020:

The new theory test is designed to be more accessible. This is especially good news for those with reading difficulty, a learning disability or developmental condition.

Using video clips instead of written case studies

The current theory test involves reading a case study and then answering five questions around it, which tests your knowledge and understanding of the road.

Instead, you’ll watch a short video clip and answer three questions around the clip to test your understanding of driving.

You will be able to watch the video clip as many times as you like during the theory test. So if you feel you may have missed something the first time, you are able to rewatch. The video clip will be both short and silent.

After you have answered a question you may wish to watch the video again before answering the next question to ensure you are familiar with the scenario.

What you can expect from the video clip is a common driving scenario. This could include driving down a road e.g. in a town centre or in the country.

Each of the questions will be multiple choice with four answers to choose from. You need to select the correct answer.

You can view a sample clip here:

For anyone familiar with watching videos from a computer, the test screen looks fairly similar. There will be the video on the left-hand side with controls to Play & Pause the video. On the right-hand side of the screen is the question as well as the four answers to pick from. Once you have selected your answer you can move onto the next question.

If I fail a theory test before & have to retake, will I be affected?

Any theory test taken after 14th of April will use the new video clip system. This means that if you have taken a theory test before, it will look different going forward. If you test is also rescheduled to be after the 14th of April, it will also be the new test.

Some parts will stay the same

During the hazard perception part of the test, you will watch a video clip and identify hazards. This part of the test is not changing and will stay the same.

You can also continue to use the same books and study software to practise the tests. The knowledge is the same, just the way it is marked has changed. So if you have already purchased revision material, you can continue to use it.

How to book your theory test

You can book your theory test via the Governments website. You will need your email address and driving license number handy.

The cost of the theory test is £23 and can be paid online by card.

The theory test is valid from two years from the pass date. If you don’t pass your theory test during the two years from passing your theory, you will need to retake it again.

In summary, the theory testing is changing to make the test more accessible. Every so often the tests do get updated. For example in 2017 the practical part of the test was updated, including to feature use of the sat nav. Its important to be aware of what has changed to ensure you are best prepared for the test.

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