Book Your Driving Test Online

Book Your Driving Test Online

When taking your driving lessons you will eventually feel that you are ready to take your test (it is always best to get an instructors opinion) This is when you need to book your test. We recommend that you book your test well in advance to avoid any disappointment so that you can take your test on the day you want. Most people usually book their test by contacting their local test centre, however by doing this you incur a booking fee.

You can now book your test online. By doing this you can pay online and there is no booking fee. To do this you need to go onto the DVLA website. Once you are on the DVLA website click Start Booking

After this a pop up will open and by default the test type should be set to car and the category should be set to B – Car. If not then change these and press next.

After this you will be asked some personal questions and then you can go a head and book your test. If you have any problems then you contact the DVLA or we will be happy to help you. Remember that you can still book offline by contacting your local test centre if you do not want to book online.

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